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La Calabria ,

is an ancient land full of history, but also a natural paradise rounded by its blue seas, with its beaches, green and pine forests, and its distinctive mountain villages. It is also known as “The land of two seas”, being situated between the Ionio Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; it is the “Tip of Italy”, situated just above Sicily.

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... Taste our world

Could you find another place in the world

in which it is possible to join hospitality with

genuine and strong tastes better than in Calabria?

Geological variety of our places along with

the presence of various ethnic groups and our

agrarian customs allow the gastronomy from

Calabria to offer a countless variety of good

 for you, delicious specialities.

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Loricato Pine

Parco Nazionale del Pollino

The Pollino National Park is one of the youngest Italian National Parks and its 192.000 hectares surely make of it the largest National Park in our peninsula. In the whole Park you can find the peaks of Pollino, Orsomarso, and of the wonderful, although not so famous, Pellegrino, a mountain chain situated in the Southern part of the Appennines, on the borderline between Basilicata and Calabria, located in the heart of Mediterranean Sea. Its peaks are among the highest ones of those existing in the Mezzogiorno of Italy, covered by snow for a large part of the year, from November till May. From its peaks, over 2200m, it is possible to travel over, looking towards West, Tyrrhenian coasts of Maratea, Praja a Mare, and Belvedere Marittimo; instead, taking a look at East, we can see litoral zones of Ionio Sea, from Sibari to Metaponto. The nature and the culture of the Pollino, its physical and human resources are protean and complex, great and heterogeneous, being comprehensive of different natural environments, with different species of flora and fauna, typical villages, full of history, archaeological finds, and with different, unique and matchless ethnic, scientific and cultural varieties. The most prestigious natural scenario is that offered by the enormous variety of rocks you can admire, among which we can particularly distinguish: the mountain chain of Serra Dolcedorme, in which is situated the highest peak of mountains of Calabria, the Mountain Pollino, which gives the name to both the entire mountain chain and the National Park; the Walloon of Colloreto, with its spectacular scrub; the Cozzo of the Pellegrino, with its peaks all over 1700m, and the Valle dell’Abatemarco, in which we can find both rocky peaks and thicket.